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The following is from an e-mail I received from Internet Legend, Marlon Sanders.
Marlon's e-mail is re-printed with permission:

What do you think the ONE thing is that gets people
to buy from you?

Think about what your answer is before you read on.
OK. Got it?

For the last 12+ years I've been saying this business
is basically simple.

At heart, you find a group of people who want stuff
and you get 'em to give you money for it.

Of course, the magic is in the part where people
willingly give you their money.

When I was a child, my favorite part of the fair was the
carnival pitchmen who sold knives and blenders and the
little mouse that crawled up your arm.

I've been studying what gets people to buy ever since.

I have no desire to make it complex or complicated. I
really believe when you discover the secret of something,
it's, at heart, simple.

So here is the result of what I've learned since I was a
kid watching carnival pitchmen.

The secret of getting people to buy from you is....


Now, in the old days I would have said.  That the ONLY
reason someone buys is to get benefits. And that's TRUE.

But I think the term "conveying value" better describes
the process.

Here are a few ways you convey value for whatever it is
you're selling.

1.  Show the benefits over time

Show how money spent today results in benefits now and
in the future.

2.  Show the instant benefit

A lot of times people don't believe they'll get a benefit.
So if it's instant, you raise believability.

3.  Show all the WAYS the buyer benefits

Think of the infomercial where they say, "It slices, it
dices, it chops and it even grates.  You can use it to
peel oranges, chop tomatoes, grate cheese, and even
make party favors."

4.  Demonstrate the benefit

Show it instead of just telling about it.

5.  Have third parties talk about the benefits they received

This is social proof.

Those are a few ways that come to my mind.

6.  Tell STORIES about people who benefitted.

7.  Product packaging conveys value

The packaging of the product and the look or image of the
web site and blog conveys value.

Here's my question to you:

Whatever it is that you're selling, HOW could you convey

Brainstorm all the ways you could do that.

A sales letter is a set of words that follow a proven formula
for conveying value and creating urgency.

A lot of people get caught up in writing, and forget it's
all about conveying value.  The same thing goes for the belief
that people don't read long copy.

They don't. Unless they're thinking about buying. THEN your
copy had BETTER adequately convey value. There are MANY times
I didn't buy ONLY because the web site conveyed too little
information and too little value for me to make a positive
buying decision.

You've got to SHOW and TELL me all the ways your product or
service creates VALUE for me.

If that chunk of value ends up being multiples of the money
I'll spend, then you have my positive buying decision.

To convey value, you've gotta get out of your head and get
into your buyer's head. And say, "What do they WANT?"

Because the VALUE is NOT in your product or service.
The VALUE, oddly enough, is in satisfying the wants of the

That's how value is created.

Now once you CREATE that value by satisfying their wants,
you have to CONVEY the value.  The best product does NOT

The most knowledgable online marketers do NOT make the
largest bank deposits.  Those who do the most exquisite
job of CONVEYING the value they have do.

There's an art to conveying value.

Some people do it by bragging and hyping really hard.

Some do it subtly with skill and implication.

Some do it via the brute force of a massive product

Some do it via multiple channels of audio, video, text,
emails, reports, interviews and so forth.

It's more art than science. Although there's a science
to it.

But the common theme is CONVEY.

I LAUGH so hard sometimes about Internet marketing.
Because new people and even experienced ones get so caught
up in the pitches.

"I just don't know which method I should buy and follow.
Should I do this one or that one or the other one?  It's
SO confusing."

THINK about it.

The one thing ALL those systems have in common is the
system promoter wants you to BUY something from him or

Now -- go and do thou likewise.

You have to be in the Game a long time before you really
see how simple and wise that advice is.

The money is in the selling.  Not the buying. 

So the smart person buys info that helps them sell.  That's
how I see it.

Products are a dime a dozen.  People have this ILLUSION that
if they create the BEST PRODUCT they'll win.  So they get
all caught up in the paralysis of analysis and should I do
this or that product, and how can I make it the best.

The best product does NOT win. Products are a dime a

The best PROMOTION wins. And the marketer wins who does
the best job of CONVEYING value.

So stop obsessing over creating the perfect product and
create products with consistent value using "The Writer's

Then get busy CONVEYING that value via every means
possible.   Or at least the ones that you enjoy the most
or find interesting or challenging.

It's funny that people can be in this Game so long and
not understand that it's all about creating value in the
form of products then CONVEYING that value effectively
through multiple channels.

Are you a value creator?

Are you a value conveyor?

If you aren't, then it's high time you start studying how
others create and convey value.

This goes for anyone selling anything.

The lessons are out there in the real world on every
street corner.  Everyday merchants create and convey

Open your eyes.

Look.  Watch. Listen.

This is the gospel of marketing.

It's there every second if you have eyes to see.

And now you know the secret of getting people to buy
from you.

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
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