"I use hostgator for my websites!" Albert Grande


How to get started with an Email list
by Albert Grande,
grandepublishing.com, pizzatherapy.com

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Chris recently wrote and asked:

Hi Albert,
I would like more information on email lists, how to get one started. How about web hosting?
Also, would you mind sharing the method that you learned in promoting?

My Response:

No problem Chris.

Here is a list of hosting providers I like.

Hosting: You need a reliable host.

My favorite?

hostgator! Check them out. They are truly head and shoulders above the rest!

"I use hostgator for my websites!" Albert Grande

Here are some others:

Maxiwebhosting- Host 3 Domains, get a ton of incredible tools and a price that will amaze you!
I use Interland (now web.com) for several of my websites.
I like http://www.bluehost.com/ I think my next set of websites will be hosted with thm.
I really like http://www.powweb as well. They seem to have great support and services.
I think http://www.teknonmedia.com/ is also worth checking out. The price cannot be beat!



There are a number of different ways to get started.

The first thing you need to do is research, which is what you are doing. Will you publish and ezine or just a mailing list? What is the focus of your ezine?

You really should do both. You need to work at building your email list as hard as you can.

Of course, you will also want a website, but you do not need a website to build a list. (Below I give you totally free resources!)

You really need to give people a reason to want to get information from you. You want to give them a reason for joining your list, either through a free ebook, report or some other freebie. You need to give people a reason for wanting to sign up for your email list.

For example, when I started to build my list at pizzatherapy.com, I gave away a copy of my dough recipe as a bribe to get people to sign  up for my newsletter, Pizza News. I still use this method.

Giving away the dough recipe has worked well. I get subscribers everyday.

To get people to sign up for "The Big List" I gave away a copy of an ebook I wrote about how I made $300 for 15 minutes of work.

Here are two great free resource to get started:

Topica. Topica is a wonderful free resource. You will be able to start an email list or ezine list, totally free. You really need to check them out.

Another great free resources is: Yahoo Groups. This is a great totally free alternative.

When I first started my mailing list / ezine I used a free service called List Bot. List Bot unfortunately went to a paid model. I got stuck. So be careful of free ezine hosting.

I think a free service is fine if you are just starting out with a limited budget. However:

You Need to Spend Money to Make Money...

If you really want to get serious, you will need to purchase some type of auto-responder system.

I fought this concept for a long time, thinking I did not need one.
Boy was I ever wrong! I needed one.

Here's why: you really need an email system that will keep your entire list data. You need to have the ability to put your email messages on auto-pilot. That is to be able to send a series of messages. You also need to be able to contact list members when you want.

Auto Responders

An auto responder system will enhance the ease of managing your list. Check out the list of auto-responders below. Each site has a FAQ and will answer any questions that you have.

There are many great products out there. Prices will a vary, depending on the features you get.

Here are a few (All links will open in a new window):

I have created an incredible resource on autoresponders:
Click here to learn all about autoresonpders

http://www.webmarketingmagic.com -
This is the system I use now. I am very satisfied with them.
I was hesitant at first because these guys were not the cheapest, but the ease of use and the features make this a great deal! Check them out:

There are lots of other great auto-responders.
Visit them and research what is best for you.

This might be the absolute best:



You may not want to run out and purchase an auto responder right now. If you do not have a list, you do not need an auto responder.

Research, learn, read and do more research. Learn all you can about auto responders. Eventually, if you want to get serious, you will want an auto-responder.

I have several other different ways that I use to build my own lists. (Yes I have several going.)

I use many different methods for capturing leads.

For example: for pizzatherapy.com, I give away my pizza dough recipe. I make it a point of only giving away my dough recipe, once visitors sign up for my email list.

What you need to do is to set up a "squeeze page" or lead capture page. Basically on a "squeeze page" the visitor signs up for your list before they get the "freebie" or gift.

Also I have used the following free sites to really kick start my list building. The best way to build your list with these tools is to get other people to sign up.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would join these programs. Again they are free, but the cool thing is, the more people you get to join, the more emails you get to send out. So, -please check them out.

Now if you join, these programs you agree to get mail from other people. That is the trade off. You also need to refer other people to the program.

That is what builds your list. If you refer a lot: you get to mail a lot!

 But you will get to mail a list every couple of weeks. You do not even need a list software. You can send out anything you want.

Also there is also a matrix that acts like a lottery of lists. You may be able to mail out to many more people than you refer. That is what is cool!

I joined both. I regularly email my lists. I send out different promotions to the lists. I use them to build my own list. I love these sites!

You can join right here:

Lucky List. 

Both of these are fantastic for getting your list started.

Remember, slowly by slowly get your list going.

and List Machine:

Although these sites are free, you do pay a price. You agree to receive email from other members. Both Lucky List and List Machine also have great forums where you can learn a lot by reading the posts. You need to read and study the forums.

Learn about the Law of Reciprocity:

Click HERE

The Law of Reciprocity by Albert Grande



Another method I use to build my list is advertising in ezines. Some ezine owners allow advertising at a reasonable price.
I suggest you run a small ad to get started to see how it does.


Three other very powerful ways to get people to sign up for your list are:

Writing article to submit to other ezines

Starting Your Own Blog. A blog is easy to use and you can set one up for free. Click Here!

At pizzatherapy.com, my pizza site, I have incorporated a blog. I use it for announcement and reviews. This is in addition  to my regular newsletters.
Here is my blog: Pizza Notes from pizzatherapy.com

Here is my personal resource for blogs. Click here: blog resource

Once you have a list, you can leverage it with Joint Ventures.

If you have a Joint-Venture proposal, please e-mail me at:


I hope I answered your questions.
If not please let me know.

Please please do not get discouraged though. You can do this.

You need to find several systems that work and keep
working the systems!

I will occasionally update this page,
so you may want to book mark it.


Albert Grande


Visit pizzatherapy.com!




Albert Grande


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me:





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