The Paper Airplane Movie

A Review by Albert Grande from grandepublishing.com

Every once in a while you see something that really strikes a chord.
It could be a book, a picture or even a newspaper article.

The chord is with-in you and it resonates the truth.

For me, what strikes my chord the loudest, is a message that seems to vibrate inside of me long afterwards. I think about it and wonder. It evokes emotion in me and pushes me to the next level.


The following movie had that effect on me.
It made me look at myself and the way I do things.

Hey sometimes I need to be pushed a bit...

I must admit, I get into ruts regularly. I tend to look at my issues and business decisions as well as my problems, in one particular way. I call it my "comfort zone". I'm very satisfied to look at things in the same way all of the time..

If we continue to do that, we always will get the same results.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to look at things very differently.

Here is one of those moments.

The following film nudged me a bit to start thinking outside of the box.

Now understand, its called Paper Airplane, but its not about paper or air planes. Its a simple story that is used to have you look at things differently.

And for me, this was a very powerful and very timely message.

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So here is deal. If we continue to look at things the same way, we may not appreciate the differences.

Now it's your turn to think outside the box.


I hope you enjoyed this little film as much as I did.

Be well.

Stay well.

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Onward and Upward,

Albert Grande

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