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These are my personal choices for
Internet Marketers who practice

The Law of Reciprocity


The Law of Reciprocity states when you receive something from someone you are very likely to  return the favor. Although seemingly simplistic, this is a very powerful concept.

You can use this law to grow and maintain relationships. You can use this law to build your business. This law teaches a very straightforward lesson: when you give, you get. Give of yourself and you will be repaid. Oftentimes, your investment is repaid exponentially. This law really works.

There has been academic research done on The Law of Reciprocity. Studies have shown, time after time, the many benefits of using it. The most powerful affirmation about The Law of Reciprocity is this: it works. One scholar who has offered undisputable proof is Robert Cialdini. His book The Psychology of Influence, should be required reading for every marketer.


The most successful Internet Marketers practice The Law of Reciprocity The least successful, are most interested in making money, first and foremost. The former will flourish.
The later are traveling down a lonely road of failure.

Successful Internet marketers will offer something of value to their customers. This may be in the form of a free report, software or initial consultation. They will cultivate a relationship with their customers. Then the entire process of marketing to their customers, becomes a natural transition. Through this process you will grow a relationship. You become more than a customer or just a name on an email list.

You become a valued individual.

 Here is a List of My Most Valued Partners
who believe in
The Law of Reciprocity

Luke W. Parker's Surefire Success System. A fantastic way for anyone to make money on the Internet. No kidding!

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Mark Hendricks:, A complete line of tools for any marketer.

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Sandy Wolf's
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Albert Grande lives
The Law of Reciprocity. Get his free e-book here.

Michael Rasmussen:
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Marlon Sanders: Marlon’s Blog (May take a few seconds to load). Very useful information. Marlon is a living legend of marketing. Learn from the best! Kevin Rohan's- Desk Top Bucks. Amazing resource.

Jeremy Gislason: promotes  the Law of Reciprocity through his program: SureFireWealth


Jimmy D. Brown You can discover more about him by visiting this page: Small Report Fortunes

Dan Kelly: Mini-site Secrets Revealed- Great learning tools.

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