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  Frequently Asked Questions  

I get asked these questions frequently:

1) Can I really be successful on-line?

The answer is yes. You certainly can be successful. You have to be willing to work at it, though. Like any other profession, you need to learn, research, and do more research. You need to develop something you are passionate about. You need to find a niche market and develop that. pizzatherapy.com was founded on those very concepts.

I found these resources to be invaluable to me in my learning and growth.


I have found incredible truth in both of these timeless classics. These books have both helped shape my direction. The Magic of Believing is a book I have read several times. It Works is another amazing book. These books were written many years ago, but truth is truth. The investment in your future for these books cost pennies.

Your passion will lead you in the right direction. This should be your guide to help you develop your ideas. For inspiration in this area please check out
14 Profit Producing Ebooks. These ebooks may help you to kick start your ideas.

(Get these book free when you buy The Internet Marketing Guide.)

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter:
"The grandepublishing.com Report". You will not only get the sample ebook, Marketing Riches but As A Man Thinketh and The Science of Getting Rich. All of these resources, free just for subscribing.

You need to develop your big idea and then work it! Don't expect overnight success. But success will happen with determination and perseverance.

You need to be honorable, honest, reliable, and trustworthy. You need to build your business on those principles. We wholeheartedly recommend:
The Best Deal Ever! as a great way to get started with Internet marketing.





I think the most important thing is you need to have passion about what you do and just go for it! Do not be discouraged. Visualize your success and let that vision be your guide.

2) I have an idea and I want to turn into an e-book. How should I get started?

The first thing you need to do is research and study. Purchase a couple of e-books to see what is out there. Check out your subject on the Internet and Public Libraries to see if there are similar books or information. Be aware of copyright laws.

After you research your subject, you are ready to write. We think our guide "How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Own Profitable eBook", is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn about ebooks for the bottom up. This powerful new course will show you step-by-step how to create your very own e-book. You can check it out right here. This e-book will even describe a method of writing e-books even if you are not a writer!

The Internet Marketing Guide
is also an incredible useful resource for anyone considering starting on the Internet. You really need to check this out!

3) Will grandepublishing.com help me with publication and distribution?

I encourage you to develop your own website. I can assist you with the tools to get started. Again with any new venture you need to research, learn and do more research.

I will consider any ebook for publication and distribution at our website.
Of course I cannot guarantee your acceptance. I will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

You can absolutely get your own website. You can learn how to do this. You can do this with a little effort. I will assist you in any way that I can.

I think the tools at The Best Deal Ever! will give anyone starting out a fantastic boost in learning. Also once you purchase and register the product, your can get technical support for the products.

Albert Grande, webmaster and owner

If you have more questions, please contact me at:





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