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Data Insurance
Why You Need to Back-up Your Computer Data
by Albert Grande

Here's a true story of a disaster that could easily be averted...

My friend Bob called me the other day. He was frantic...

"Albert" he cried, "My computer just crashed. I think it was my hard drive, but I am not sure. It won't turn on or boot up. It just keeps making this weird sound. I think I lost everything. All my pictures, from the last three years were on my computer. I had my taxes, totally completed and ready to file. Also, all of my email addresses and email that I had saved. The worst thing is I don't know if I will ever be able to get my computer running again."

"No problem," I replied. " Just use your back-up drive to restore your data."

"Back-up drive?" he asked, "What's that?"

"Bob, Bob, Bob," I lectured.

"You wouldn't think about driving your car without insurance. If you own a house or apartment, you absolutely need insurance. You probably have some type of life insurance. Why is your computer any different?

If you have a computer: you need Data Insurance;
you need to have a back-up drive!"

Do you have insurance for the important information on your computer? On my computer I have all of my websites, personal emails and important documents. I also have software and e-books I purchased. I even have the beginning of the Great American Novel.

I purchased a back up drive for my computer.

You need one, too!

What do you have on your own computer? Think about the important files, pictures, programs and other priceless information...

Some of the stuff you have, may be irreplaceable.

Sure you can use a jump drive to save and move data. The biggest jump drive's will not back up your entire system, however.

You invested hundreds of dollars in your computer. For Bob, the data he lost was priceless. Don't be like my friend, Bob. You need to invest in a total back up system.
You need a back-up drive.


Here's what I did:

I was able to find a Back Up Drive on-sale for a little over $100. The back up drive is 300 GB. That's way more than I need. But I must say, since I installed it, I have much more peace of mind. The great thing is, once I installed the software, it continuously makes new back-ups of all my recent data.

You should be able to find a back-up drive at a reasonable price as well.

You can find a great drive at a great price, at this link, Get Your Back up Drive, Now.

So don't be like Bob. He lost everything. Remember, it's not if your computer will crash, it's when.

So take out some Data Insurance by purchasing a back drive for your computer. Remember to back up all of your data.

Here's why:

You will be prepared if your hard drive crashes

You will have another copy of all of your important files and programs

You will have total peace of mind

Most back up drives come with software, which will back up your data automatically. So you will be able to "Set it and forget it".

Be well. Stay well.

And don't forget to back up all of your data!


Albert Grande   

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