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  I recommend The E-code  for any one interested in marketing on the Internet!

The incredible thing is: this book tells you how to succeed with email!



The book will put you on the freeway to success! I have read and reread this book many times!




I just happened to stumble on one of the most amazing  free resources on the Internet!


Free Computer Training Books for a limited Time.

Computer Books based on Pictures not text!

These books are all in pdf format.
Incredible step by step picture books. That's right: in pictures.

These are books are intended for someone who will comprehend better, with pictures.

I found these books easy to read and understand. Even for a technologically challenged person like me.

If you have any interest in Learning any of the following programs, read on:

Basics:                       Microsoft Office:             Web Layout:

XP Access 2003 Dreamweaver 8
Mac OS X Tiger  Excel 2003 FrontPage 2003
Linspire Five-O PowerPoint 2003 HTML & CSS
Palm Devices  Word 2003  
  Publisher 2003  


There are many more resources available at this website. Many more!

Here is the most incredible thing: All of these resources are totally and completely: FREE!

I downloaded all of these titles listed here. I went thorough the e-books and found them extremely helpful.

Even if you have a working knowledge of computers you will find these e-books very helpful.

This is just a sampling of the computer training books offered. 

Not only are you able to download the books: you can share the books.

You cannot sell the books.

Computer Books based on Pictures not text!

Here is the resource link:



Albert Grande,


you own the reseller rights to the entire package!

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Okay, so everything you need to drive massive traffic is broken down to you over thirteen, easy to follow action packed modules...

You’ll get three big manuals which has all the process maps, diagrams and step by step instructions you’ll ever need.

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Lucky List. 


List Machine:


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The Best Deal Ever!- Amazing tools, amazing price!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me:


Sincerely, Again,

Albert Grande



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