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If you have a business, there is no question that you need business cards...

Business Cards, who needs them?

If you are in business, the answer is simple. You need a business card. Hundreds of them.

Don't leave home without one!

Your business card is the most important promotional devices that you own.

This simple little item is vital for your success and credibility.

It can help sell people on you. A business card can be the start of your story. Later you can fill in the rest of the story.

Your business cards will help to promote you, your brand and your offer.

You can use your business card as a quick introduction. Your business card is a mirror of who you are. It can explain your business and give you an edge.

Make your business card match you and your unique personality. Have it stand out by using colors, graphics and your personal story.

You card can not only be an introduction, but a call to action. Your card should reflect what your business represents. But make they are personal business cards and personable. You want to show you are easy to do business with.

It is very important to have business cards on you at all times. Lots of them.

You never know when an opportunity will arise. And opportunities are all around you.

 I just ordered 1,000 of them. I use my cards whenever I go anywhere.

I got caught once without any business cards. I was at a business event and I basically got caught with my pants down.

I had on business cards to giveaway.

It was like leaving money on the table. I had people who wanted to do business with me, and I had no cards.

Now I give away business cards every chance I get...

You can give them out while waiting in line at the

  • grocery store
  • hang them up at community markets
  • laundromats
  • community gatherings
  • give them away at church
  • schools
  • kidís sporting events
  • the theater
  • family reunions
  • weddings
  • wine tastings
  • political fund raisers
  • at concerts
  • in bars
  • soccer games
  • basketball games
  • baseball games
  • childrenís activities
  • at parties
  • meeting new people
  • funerals

Business cards are your own personal billboard. They need to be given away as often as possible.

You can discover my favorite source of business cards right here at Vista Print.

Plus you can get them at an unbelievable price:

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