The Best Secret on The Internet
(And a Lesson in the Law of Reciprocity...)

This is the most incredible information,
I have ever seen!
by Albert Grande,,
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A toast, to your success, from 












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This information is time sensitive:

Hello. My name is Albert Grande of and

You know the old saying:

"If it sounds to good to be true, then it is".

I had to learn this the hard way. Along the road to success, I have made a couple of mistakes.
Believe me, I don't make the same mistake twice.

I am going to share with you something,
that you will say is to good to be true!

What I am about to tell you may sound like an untruth.

You will not believe me, that's OK.

It may sound to "off the wall."
You will think, this is not possible.
You will say, Albert Grande there has to be a catch!

But there is no catch, this is the real deal.

Before I reveal this to you understand my motives. I am NOT trying to sell anything here. Although, I would love it if you joined my list and bought  stuff at my websites.
(Further down this page there are all kinds of offers.)

I want to share valuable information.
 Very valuable.

I know this sounds incredible, but I believe in the
 "law of reciprocity".
If I do something good for you;
you, or someone else will do something good for me!
You know, I firmly believe, it all comes back to you.

Here is the deal:

There is a way for you to get a completely free website, with no strings attached. In addition to this website, you will also get a free email account (with 5 mailboxes).

(Did I mention, everything was totally free?)

Here is the link to get your free website, free hosting,  free email accounts and
 free domain registration:

Click on the "Get A Free Website" button:

>>Free Website<<

 Microsoft is offering this for free hoping that you will upgrade:

You do not have to upgrade at all.

Read the Agreement very carefully.
If this is something you cannot agree to, don't do it!

If you think Microsoft will violate your privacy: don't do it!

I do not think Microsoft will violate my privacy.
I really do not have an issue with this.
I still feel this is a great deal for you to leave "a foot print" on the Internet. If you are worried, pass on this offer.

 I signed up and I am glad I did!

Here is what you need to do. Go to the link and click on:
Office Live Basics (Free).  (It is the first option on the left!)

You will be given a

  • free website

  • free email accounts (each with 2 GB of space  and

  • free domain registration.

I recommend you go there right now and sign up.

What can you do with a free website,
free domain name and free email?

  • Create a website for your business

  • Promote affiliate products

  • Promote you eBook or book

  • Promote your services

  • Promote yourself

  • Create a presence on the Internet

  • Create links back to your own websites
    (This is what I did with my free website)

  • List your auction items

  • Advertise your own products

  • Sell stuff

  • Advertise your favorite charity or cause

  • Register yourself as a domain:

  • And much, much, more...

My Review:

The website building tools are a little clunky. You are building your site live on the Internet. You need to make sure you save your changes regularly. As soon as you save the changes your site is automatically updated on the Internet

You have a lot of options to make your website look like you want it to. You will need to play around with the website tools. I found them difficult to manage.

I like the fact that it is free and you get a domain registration for free, just for signing up.

On the other hand, logging onto my email account was very difficult to figure out. To get to your email account, log out of Microsoft Office Live and log in using your email address and password.

I highly recommend you read the discussion boards.

This FREE offer will only be good for one year after you sign up.

After that, you will get a letter asking you to renew your domain name. You can if you wish, or you can let it expire.

I think I may just try to transfer my domain.
The jury is still out on that one!

Here is the link, again:

>>Free Website<<

If you find you are not able to register for a Free website, please let me know so I can update this information.
(My email address is at the bottom of the page)

If you need help with web design
here are some free places you might look:


Albert Grande,



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Lucky List. 


List Machine:


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Check out my free resource:

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See the Juggling page!

The Second Best Secret on the Internet...

The Best Deal Ever!- Amazing tools, amazing price!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
Also I would love to hear from you when you get your page up:


Sincerely, Again,

Albert Grande


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Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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