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How I made $300 with 15 minutes of Work
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How I Made $300 With 15 Minutes of Work by Albert Grande

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This report is a true story of how I was able to make $300 with 15 minutes of work.
You can use the same method, results may vary.

"This story is absolutely true and accurate", states Albert Grande

I outline a blueprint for success.

I also share how charging a price gives
the impression of greater perceived value.

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If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme,
this report is not for you.

You need to have passion, and then you need to take action.

Learn a road map to success with this invaluable resource.

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You will discover an idea at a bar that created
 a multi-million dollar industry


 Meet an author who had 43 manuscripts rejected
then hit it BIG with a Cat in a Hat...


Get stimulated to have your own "Big Ideas"...


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It's all about the Law of Reciprocity!

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How I Made $300 With 15 Minutes of Work by Albert Grande



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